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The short answer is no we do not offer pristine finishes.

The least amount of relicing we offer is our Closet Clean finish. It may have a few nicks/dings in it. Not always, but we don’t like to back ourselves into a corner to where we feel like we have to have a perfect
finish since it is a finish that is designed to age as you play it. The nicks/dings would be
very small though.

You can see examples of our Closet Clean finishes in our AgingGallery.

It will also have a vintage gloss finish with some sheen to it but not a brand
new shiny guitar. The finish can be with or without lacquer checking. If you are choosing
no checking, we won’t do any intentional checking but since it is nitro lacquer, it could
check naturally in my shop, in transit or after you have the body.

We always do our best to capture the true color as close as we can but as I am sure most of you know, that’s nearly impossible with a camera unless you are a professional photographer. Not to mention, lighting, different computer monitors, different phones and settings. We finish/relic guitars, not professional photographers so always give us a little leeway on the pictures.
If you are really looking for an exact shade of a certain color, be sure to ask about it before you make the purchase. You can even send us a picture from the internet and we will do our best to say how close the color is in real life to your picture.
This is a great question and always needs a little attention/clarification.

Jazz-Style – 0.580”. This has to do with the bridge. A shallower pocket like this is common on bodies with a Tune-O-Matic bridge.
Basses – 0.625” (5/8”)
Other bodies – 0.687” (11/16”)

Even with these above measurements, there is always a tolerance that is involved. Wood is alive (or once was) so it can change from moisture content, humidity and many other factors.
Wildwood’s maximum tolerance is 0.030” from the above measurements but that is a plus or minus tolerance so keep that in mind.

As of right now, I just get S-Style and T-Style bodies from Musikraft and their neck pocket depth is pretty similar to Wildwood. They pretty much tell me the same thing that there isn’t ever an exact measurement since we are all working with wood. They shoot for a 0.650” neck pocket depth which is right in between 5/8” and 11/16”.

I think the most important thing to do if there is any concern about neck pocket depth is to ask before the purchase and we can easily measure the depth of the neck pocket on the specific body you are interested in to get an exact depth.

Timeframe can vary depending on what body style or wood type you choose.

-If it’s a body I have in stock at my shop, the timeframe will be about 6-8 weeks or so.

-If it’s a body I have ordered from my supplier but it hasn’t arrived to my shop yet, the timeframe will be about 10-12 weeks or so.

-If it’s a body I have to order from my supplier after you place your order, it will be about 12-16 weeks or so.

As of right now, we do not offer either of these finishes. That’s something that may or may not change in the future.

No we do not. We only offer 100% nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.

Yes, we do offer refinishes. However, as of right now, we don’t offer to do any stripping so your body/neck would need to be completely stripped down to bare wood before sending it to us for the refinish.
Again, stripping is something we might offer in the future but not right now. It’s also sometimes possible to paint over the top of your existing finish so feel free to ask about that if you don’t want to have your body stripped.

We do finish/relic necks as well. We need to do a better job at advertising that and it is on our very long to-do list.

Here is what we can do when it comes to necks……

-We can get an unfinished Allparts neck and then finish it for you. Price depends on what neck you choose but most likely, it will be $299 plus shipping. That price is for the finished neck.

-If you want to get an unfinished neck from another supplier and have it drop shipped to us, we can finish it for $150 plus shipping.

A couple things we don’t do with necks……

-We don’t install decals.

-We are not setup to do fingerboard wear on a maple fretboard.

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