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This body is in stock so we can have it finished in 8 weeks!

This is a brand new Cab-Style body with a P90 route in the bridge position. It weighs 3 pounds and 12 ounces! Wood type is Pine and the unfinished body is made by Wildwood.

Routed for a vintage short/half T-Style bridge.

We have back plates that fit our Cab-Style bodies so if you want one, just let us know after you place the order. We have black or white. They are $10.

After purchase, you will be able to send one front and one back reference pic and we will use those pics as a direct reference while aging your guitar body. Aging will be similar but not exact. If choosing Closet Clean, see definition below.

Super Heavy Aging can be subject to additional up charges.

Please see “Color Gallery” as a reference when deciding on your color.

Not sure what we consider each level of aging? See “Aging Gallery” for reference.

Closet Clean – The least amount of relicing we offer is our Closet Clean finish. It may have a few nicks/dings in it. Not always, but we don’t like to back ourselves into a corner to where we feel like we have to have a perfect finish since it is a finish that is designed to age as you play it. The nicks/dings would be very small though. You can see examples of our Closet Clean finishes in our “Aging Gallery.” It will also have a vintage gloss finish with some sheen to it but not a brand new shiny guitar. The finish can be with or without lacquer checking. If you are choosing no checking, we won’t do any intentional checking but since it is nitro lacquer, it could check naturally in my shop, in transit or after you have the body.